Learn The Riff From Freddie King's Hide Away

Freddie KingWhile we’re on the subject of the blues I just wanted to point you towards this quick little lesson I found this morning over at the Fender Player’s Club website.

It’s the opening lick to Hide Away, Freddie King’s classic blues instrumental. If you don’t know who Freddie King is, well––he was the original Texas Cannonball, and one of my earliest true guitar heros. Freddie played a huge part in defining what’s now known as the Texas Blues, and like a lot of guitar greats he died way before his time.

The lesson, which is apparently an excerpt from the book/CD combo The Art Of Texas Blues, consists of a PDF file containing both standard notation & guitar TAB, and an mp3 sample of this absolutely classic Texas Blues riff. Files can be found on the Fender Player’s Club Blues page, currently listed 5th down.

Store this baby away in your brain for when you need one seriously jumpin’ blues lick