The Les Paul That Built A House, And Other Stories

Gibson Les PaulFans of vintage guitars, and certainly anyone who’s ever dreamed of owning an original Black Beauty, Goldtop or ’59 Sunburst, will definitely want to check out this great article in the latest edition of Gibson’s Backstage Pass.

According to David Bonsey, musical instrument honcho for mega-auction company Skinner Inc, a ’59 Les Paul like the one pictured here not only sold for a small fortune, but it’s got a great story to go along with it as well––

“It had been pretty heavily played, but it also had nearly all its original parts,” he recalls. “The owner and his wife were retired. They were living in a trailer and were hoping to get enough money from the sale of the guitar to build a log home. The owner figured the guitar was worth around $100,000, but in fact the guitar ended up selling for $295,000. They built themselves a really nice log home. Above the fireplace there’s a plaque that says, ‘The House That Les Paul Built.’”

And if you think that price is a bit steep, wait ’til you see the rather battered looking ’58 Gibson Explorer that Bonsey brokered… it sold for a chest-clutching $600,000 in October of last year (2006.)

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch… It hurts just to say it.