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Fender Introduces Squier Vintage Modified Series

Disclosure Policy | Fri, Apr 27, 2007 | 490 |

Squier Vintage ModifiedVintage Modified Telecaster

Got a budding little guitar player in the house? Check these out

Fender recently unveiled one of the more intriguing additions to their Squier brand of low-cost (read: beginner’s) guitars that I’ve seen in years––the new Vintage Modified Series.

Apparently taking a hint from the popularity of their more expensive Fender brand brethren, three of the four guitars come already altered with popular modifications, and all are decked out with new retro-styled custom finishes, custom pickguards, and real Alnico Magnet Duncan-Designed pickups.

Instruments in the series include the rather traditional Vintage Modified Strat, the “chop-shop”-inspired Vintage Modified Strat HSS (yep, its got two singlecoils and a humbucker,) the humbucker-outfitted Vintage Modified Tele SH, and the Vintage Modified Tele SSH, which bears singlecoil pickups in the middle and bridge positions, and a mini-humbucker at the neck.

The entire Squier Vintage Modified Series will come with bodies of Indian Red Cedar, Maple necks, and are expected to sell for a street price of around $300.

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  1. Rick Says:

    wow…. I wish that made that 3 pickup config in a real tele.

  2. Cary Says:

    Funny, you were actually the first person to come to mind when I saw that. I’d be really interested to hear what that combination sounds like.

  3. Jay Says:

    I played one of the ’68 Thinline Squier VMs and these are NOT beginner instruments. The neck was one of the sweetest I’ve ever played on ANY guitar. Leagues above the recent Squier Std Tele I have and better than my 80’s Japan Made Squier, as well as my 2 year old Fender Stratocaster. Grab these up…these are the Protones/JV’s of the future.

  4. Wayne Says:

    I agree with Jay. I own a Squire vintage modified Strat and it is not a beginners guitar. I have owned and used as my main axe a Fender 57 Strat reissue modified with genuine Seymor Duncans and it had nothing on this Squire. I have owned several Squires all worthy with some modifications but the baby rips in stock form. Just lace up your favorite strings, adjust your string height and intonation as you would with any new guitar and you have a guitar that can stand it’s own against any top shelf vintage Fender strat for only $300 bucks.

  5. Chris Says:

    i just bought the Modified Tele SH. and it rocks, the tones are incredible, proper tele sounds at the bridge, the neck pickup is creamy as hell!!!!! and the middle tone is like a really fat strat.

    the neck is awesome, single piece maple, with jumbo frets. such an easy neck to play on.

    and for £259, its a steal!!!!!!!!

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