Fender Introduces Squier Vintage Modified Series

Squier Vintage ModifiedVintage Modified Telecaster

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Fender recently unveiled one of the more intriguing additions to their Squier brand of low-cost (read: beginner’s) guitars that I’ve seen in years––the new Vintage Modified Series.

Apparently taking a hint from the popularity of their more expensive Fender brand brethren, three of the four guitars come already altered with popular modifications, and all are decked out with new retro-styled custom finishes, custom pickguards, and real Alnico Magnet Duncan-Designed pickups.

Instruments in the series include the rather traditional Vintage Modified Strat, the “chop-shop”-inspired Vintage Modified Strat HSS (yep, its got two singlecoils and a humbucker,) the humbucker-outfitted Vintage Modified Tele SH, and the Vintage Modified Tele SSH, which bears singlecoil pickups in the middle and bridge positions, and a mini-humbucker at the neck.

The entire Squier Vintage Modified Series will come with bodies of Indian Red Cedar, Maple necks, and are expected to sell for a street price of around $300.