Introducing The Verbrovibe: Headstrong's '63 Brown Vibroverb Replica

Headstrong VerbrovibeHehe, you’ve gotta’ love this… Headstrong Amplifiers, self-proclaimed makers of the world’s only “exact replica of the 1964 Princeton reverb and 1964 Deluxe Reverb Blackface” have done it again, this time producing the first true replica of Fender’s classic, and not to mention seriously hard to come by, ’63 Brown Vibroverb.

And they call it the Verbrovibe.

Seeing as how Fender built the original for only a year or so (and actually, a quick browse through the original Fender serial numbers suggests that just 500 units were built,) not to mention the exorbitant prices that a real ’63 Brown Vibroverb would fetch assuming you could even find one, offering a replica seems like a no-brainer.

According to Headstrong, the Verbrovibe accurately recreates the look, feel, and most importantly tone of the ’63 Brown Vibroverb at a price that won’t cause terminal heart-clutching.

The company made use of custom built Heyboer transformers, custom made Weber ceramic speakers, solid pine finger jointed cabinets, and a full complement of vacuum tubes (one JJ 5AR4 rectifier, two TAD 6L6WGCs for power, and six EH 12AX7s in the pre-amp,) to re-create the Brown Reverb in all its simple glory: 2 channels, Reverb, Tremolo, and tons of old-school tone.

The Headstrong Verbrovibe also comes in a number of different configurations, including four different combo models, a head only version, and is available with extra speakers and even custom colors (but why mess with a classic?)

HEADS-UP: Check out their great video demos of the Verbrovibe––they’ve got 26 in all, combining the amp with Strats, Teles and even an ES335.