Video Review Of Seymour Duncan's Twin Tube Classic Overdrive

While researching some of the more recent tube-driven distortion pedals to hit the market, I came across this video review of Seymour Duncan’s Twin Tube Classic––a dual-channel overdrive pedal boasting a pair of American made Phillips-Sylvania 6021 dual triode tubes, true bypass circuitry, and what’s apparently a seriously road-worthy steel chassis.

Now, I’ve owned a number of great distortion pedals in my 20+ years playing the guitar, but based on this video I’d say the Twin Tube Classic has to be one of the more authentic sounding tube overdrives I’ve come across. And this isn’t just a humbucker thing––the Twin Tube sounds great with singlecoils as well.

While this type of distortion pedal may not fit the needs of the true shredders out there, the Twin Tube looks like a no-brainer for those playing Blues, R&B, Soul, or even Classic/Hard Rock.

Uggh… I wonder if I can find room for another pedal in my board?