Relic Deluxe: The Essential Online Guide To Relic'ing Your Guitar

RelicWow––ig blog posted this link earlier today and I just had to pass it on.

If you’re the type who finds the current trend in “Relic” guitars to be a little too pretentious (I go back & forth on this myself) you’ll probably want to skip over this post now, but for the rest of you I just wanted to point you towards what is likely the preeminent guide to DIY relic’ing on the web today––Relic Deluxe.

This website features true step-by-step instructions for giving your guitar that “lived-in” look, and includes separate pages on altering bodies, necks, hardware, and plastic parts. There’s also an excellent gallery of “Relic” jobs (like the American Vintage ’62 Strat pictured here,) and instructions for properly applying vintage waterslide decals (oolala!)

Overall a really excellent resource––with lots of great close-up photos––for anyone looking to pre-maturely age their favorite six-string. Check it out.