More On The Zakk Wylde Flying V & Marshall Microstack

Marshall Zakk Wylde MicrostackJust a quick note for the Zakk Wylde fans out there: this morning Gibson finally published a real product page for the Custom Shop Zakk Wylde Flying V, and it includes full guitar specs, the history of the instrument, and a downloadable pdf product sheet.

Also, Marshall has posted a pretty impressive demo video of their Zakk Wylde Microstack––the shrunk-down and surprisingly affordable re-creation of Wylde’s infamous “Wall of Doom.”

Unfortunately, Marshall doesn’t use permalinks on their site, so you’ll have to navigate there yourself:

Follow this link, click on the Marshall Theatre logo in the top right corner, and then move your mouse to the right until you see the Zakk Wylde Demo button. Well worth a look if you’re considering purchasing one of these, or even if you’re just interested to see how much mayhem Marshall can coax out of a micro-sized stack.