Electro-Harmonix Busts Out With Two New Pedals… Specs Would Be Nice

Eh-Soul-Preacher-1Well, with no fanfare whatsoever Electro-Harmonix has added two new guitar effects pedals to their line-up––what appears to be a nano-sized reissue of the classic ’70s Soul Preacher Compressor/Sustainer, and something called the #1 Echo.

Unfortunately, in usual Electro-Harmonix fashion, specs are pretty much nonexistent, so it’s not even apparent whether the new Soul Preacher is digital or analog––a minor issue to some, but a potential deal breaker for us analog-heads.

Eh-1-EchoWhile I’d be happy to see a true re-issue of the Soul Preacher (perhaps minus that infamous hiss,) this one looks more like a total re-working, including different controls and with the whole works stuffed into EH’s new Nano form factor. I’ll keep you posted if I can dig up more info.

As far as the #1 Echo is concerned, E-H is selling it simply as “Digital delay with analog tone. Absolutely the BEST digital echo in the world in a small package.”

Hehe… we’ll be the judge of that.