Reader Poll: What's Your Absolute Dream Guitar?

61 Strat Relic Ltd John CruzHere’s a chance to share your dreams with the world––OK, well, if not the world then at least with my illustrious, good looking, and incredibly talented readers.

What’s your absolute dream guitar? Yeah, I know, you’re a guitarist, and by default you lust over new equipment that you don’t even need, but if you had to weed all of those great guitars that you dream about down to just one absolute dream guitar (you know––the one you’d want to be stuck on an desert island with,) what would it be?

Fine, I’ll start: my current dream guitar is Fender’s Builder Select 1961 Stratocaster Relic, Masterbuilt by John Cruz. They’re building this thing in just 100 units, so you know it won’t be cheap, but it comes already loaded up with a number of the top upgrades that I would want to make to a Strat––a compound radius neck (9.5“ to 12”) for comfy chording and high-octave bends, nice fat Dunlop 6100 frets, a DiMarzio humbucker at the bridge position, and even Fender’s S-1 switching.

On top of that, this baby sports the “Relic” treatment, which I like not so much for its aesthetic value, but for the fact that it means never having to worry about scratching or dinging my guitar ever again. And that’s freakin’ priceless. I also love the John Cruz’s custom “faded wide” 3-color sunburst nitro finish… just a gorgeous looking instrument all around.

All right––so what’s your dream guitar?

Leave a comment below, or feel free to write something up on your own blog and leave us a link. I’ll compile them all and write them up in a post next week.