Speed Linking: Build A Big Muff With IG, Alexi Laiho Signature Guitar

SpeedlinkingThank gawd it’s Friday! I’ve been burnt-out and jet-lagged all week, and I could really use a chance to catch up on my sleep… anyway, I wanted to throw out some quick links this morning before I get too deep into writing my next full-on review.

In case you missed it, Ig is running a series of posts documenting the building of his very own Big Muff Pi clone––the Gator Muff––and he’s invited ya’all to come along for the ride. Good stuff. I’ve never built a pedal from the ground up so I think I might have to get in on this one.

Moving along, Matt over at Guitar Stuff gives us the lowdown on ESP’s newly announced Limited Edition Alexi Laiho Signature Guitar––the ALEXI-600 SE. Single active pickup, Floyd Rose bridge, pink pinstripes & inlays… (did I say pink?)

Oh yeah, and my good friend Dean Campbell over at Campbell American recently sent me this link to a video overview of Campbell’s gorgeous new Caledonian––via Guitar Player. Not a review, and not much actual playing involved, but a pretty good run-down of the specs involved.

And for those of you in the States––have a great 3-day weekend!