Fuller's Vintage Guitar Gets LTD “Deluxified” Gretsch Models


Wow… check out these bad boys.

According to Gretsch’s website, Fuller’s Vintage Guitar (in Houston Texas,) is now the proud home, not to mention sole distributor, of these three retro-classic beauties––Custom Limited Edition versions of the G6120W-55 Nashville Western, G6136-55 White Falcon, and the G6120-55 Nashville.

The three new models are apparently decked out in full-on “Deluxified” fashion (is “Deluxification” a word? ‘cuz if it isn’t it really should be,) including carved solid tops, old-school Nitrocellulose Lacquer finishes, binding across the board, and Deluxe hard-shell cases.

Specs are far too numerous to mention here (see Gretsch’s page for the full rundown,) but if you live anywhere near Houston you might want to get your a** in there to check these out––the Nashville Western is absolutely drool worthy.

On the other hand, if you’re absolutely nowhere near Houston, you might want to follow the link over to Fuller’s website to check out some of their other gorgeous vintage & re-issue guitars… the place is a Tube Freak’s toy store.