Poll Results: “What's Your Absolute Dream Guitar?”

Dream-GuitarHehe… I had every intention of summing up last week’s Reader Poll (What’s Your Absolute Dream Guitar?) nice and neatly, but the response was so large, and the list has grown so unwieldy, that I’ll have to let you peruse it yourself.

As a quick rundown, though, there were a few of the usual suspects (’59 Burst Les Paul, ’62 Stratocaster,) a number of more modern beauties (Schecter Synyster Custom, Dean Dime USA ML,) and even a bit of creepy guitar premonition when the very first commenter, Dan, said he wished that Gibson would make a Zebra Wood Les Paul––only to have Gibson announce one five days later.

EGR’s Zen Guitar Poet Award goes to IG, for reminding us not to lose sight of the battered but beautiful instruments that have helped us along the way, and Al over at Guitar Wars gets a nod just for having a website where random guitars battle it out head to head.

I also want to thank everyone for participating… after just one week What’s Your Absolute Dream Guitar? has more comments on it than any other post on EGR.