Speed Linking: Fender's Obnoxious New Site, Budda's Superdrive 45, Reverend Manta Ray

SpeedlinkingUggh, Fender re-designed their site last weekend, and IMHO it’s a major step backwards––while their old look was classy, clean, and full of vintage vibe, the current re-design looks like it’s pretty much aimed at the teenage ADD crowd.

Note to Fender: websites that blast loud music at you without giving you time to turn down the volume are obnoxious at best… at worst I never visit again.

Moving on, Budda’s Superdrive 45 is getting rave reviews across the board, and appears to be a fine match for those who prefer their guitar tone loud, punchy, and with lots-o-high-gain muscle.

Guitar player loved it––“Great sounding distortion. Excellent clean headroom. Aggressive, cutting, and loud.” Musician’s Hotline did too (this one’s a pdf file.)

Oh yeah, and Reverend’s seriously stylin’ semi-hollowbody Manta Ray HB-FM just got Guitar One’s Mark Of Excellence Award––“Like the creature that it’s named for, this Manta Ray is positively lethal, with looks that stun and chest-thumping tone that will bring you to your knees.” Check it out.