Video Demos From The Big Boys… What's Taking So Long?

Prs 513For the last few weeks I’ve been watching Paul Reed Smith Guitars (PRS) add high-quality video demos to their various guitar product pages, and it got me thinking––what the heck’s taken so long?

Smaller guitar/gear manufacturers like Eastwood and Headstrong have managed to create significant buzz around their new products by fully leveraging the power of the internet to deliver video demonstrations to the masses, but PRS seems to be the first of the bigger boys to catch on, and I say it’s about time.

Sure, you could argue that we all know what a Stratocaster sounds like, but considering the sheer number of new Strat models that Fender pumps out every year you’d think they might want to actually differentiate the models a bit.

Is the much-touted S-1 Switching System really all that? Show me. How about those hot “Texas Specials” on the SRV Signature, or the “Big Dippers” on the John Mayer Strat? Yeah, you and I might know what they sound like, but what about John Q. Guitar-buyer?

Or how about Gibson’s Guitar Of The Week series… wouldn’t you love to hear how that SG with the single-coils actually sounds? I get the feeling Gibson would sell these a lot quicker if they gave us a bit more access to them, right from the comfort of our homes.

Anyway, simple video demos seem like a total no-brainer for anyone selling products on the internet, and while I seriously doubt that the big boys are at risk of losing their places at the top of the guitar food chain, it’s already quite apparent that smaller, faster, more innovative companies are easily making their voices heard in the near-silence left behind by Fender, Gibson, and many of the other behemoths.

Am I missing something here?