Guitar Player Puts Four Looping Pedals Through Their Paces

Electro-Harmonix-2880There’s a great in-depth comparison and review of four different looping pedals over at Guitar Player right now, and reading through it made me realize just how far the whole technology of looping has come since I first messed around with it in a very primitive form nearly two decades ago.

The pedals covered here include the Electro-Harmonix 2880, DigiTech’s JamMan, the Boomerang Boomerang+, and BackLine’s RiffBox––all very capable pieces of machinery, though the 2880 appears to be the real stand-out for live performance, MIDI integration, and reverse looping.

While my experimental days are pretty well passed, reading this piece really got me itching for some new toys… with features like MIDI slaving, CompactFlash storage, Stereo I/O, and the now ubiquitous USB support, the entire landscape of looping looks wide open.

Things have come a long way since my early days playing the guitar––back when a 16-second delay was considered the holy grail of modern effects, and a pre-CBS Strat still cost less than a house.

Anybody out there using a looping pedal? I’d be interested to hear what you’re using, and how you like it.