Speed Linking: Gibson's Guitar Of The Week #23, Epi Les Paul Ultra Giveaway…

SpeedlinkingGibson released Guitar Of The Week #23 this morning, but the instrument––a standard Les Paul Money Bass in Natural Satin––was so yawn-inducing I didn’t think you’d want to read a whole post about it. Anyways, for the sake of the Guitar Of The Week Index I thought I’d better at least provide a link.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s a fine instrument, but unless there’s something I’m missing here––or perhaps that Natural Satin finish is just flat-out gorgeous in real life––I’m not sure how this one warrants inclusion in the series. Yikes… is GOTW losing its mojo?

Moving right along, Epiphone is giving away a Les Paul Ultra––one of their newer LPs, which apparently contains a number of hollow cavities in its mahogany body (for increased resonance and weight reduction,) and features a pretty snazzy looking Grade “A” quilted maple top.

The guitar also sports a contoured back, slightly narrowed nut (42mm,) a satin-backed neck, and Epi’s new LockTone Stopbar/Tuneomatic bridge. Not bad for free.

Oh yeah, and IG has dug up Cpt. Beefheart’s thoroughly entertaining 10 commandments for guitarists… pure poetry, through and through.