Line 6 Dave Mustaine Signature Amp: Coming To A Store Near You?

Line 6 Dave MustaineWell, I don’t usually post on the weekends, but I came across some intriguing info this morning that I thought might interest a few of you––

Line 6 has apparently finished a year-long collaboration with Megadeth’s to produce the Dave Mustaine Signature Amplifier, which can be heard in full force on the band’s new United Abominations album, and which Mustaine is using exclusively on tour to support the album.

The amp was modeled around a ’67 Marshall Plexi, and includes four channels––Clean, Signature (Dave’s signature tone,) Mega Drive, and Plexi––plus onboard signal processing based on the effects usage of some of Mustaine’s favorite artists, including a phaser modeled after Eddie Van Halen’s famous phase work, Tremolo based on The Beatles, Flange based on the work of Alex Lifeson, and a number of delay settings. According to Mustaine, the Clean setting in the amp was built to reproduce the guitar tone of Pink Floyd’s Breathe.

There’s also a fairly interesting video shot by Guitar One that goes in-depth into the entire rig Mustaine is using these days on tour. The Line 6 Dave Mustaine Signature Amp appears to be a successful attempt by Mustaine to pair down on the sheer amount of equipment he has to haul around, not to mention reduce the insane complexity and questionable stability of his earlier set-up.

He also lets it slip that Line 6  is considering offering the Dave Mustaine Amp as a production model––otherwise, they’re all his.