Speed Linking: Lovepedal COT 50, Washburn Shoots A Guitar With A Shotgun, Reverend's New Warhawk II

SpeedlinkingUsually, when a slow news day comes around I just jump on it as an opportunity to get working on my next review… unfortunately, I managed to blow a tube or two in my favorite amp this week, so the review I’m working on is on hold for a day or two while I wait for a new set of valves to come in.

Anyway, I did come across some worthwhile links this morning, so let’s take a look:

  • Lovepedal – I’m a sucker for boutique effects pedals, and Premier Guitar is running a pretty decent review of the Lovepedal COT 50 distortion pedal––an apparently successful attempt by the good folks at to reproduce the biting-but-smooth gain of a dialed-in Marshall Plexi circa the late ’60s. Worth a look on your endless quest for tone.
  • Washburn – Moving along, Washburn Guitars has got a number of great video podcasts for guitar players, including a series of interview/behind the scenes pieces with ‘s Nick Catanese––In Shot To Hell Part I & Part II they cover the work that went into producing Nick’s literally “Shot To Hell” Washburn Custom Idol. Pretty freakin’ entertaining stuff. Who knew it could be so legally sticky to shoot a guitar with a shotgun?
  • Reverend – Oh yeah, and Reverend announced the release of the Warhawk II 390––another of their new set-neck models, featuring a solid mahogany body w/raised center, three Reverend P-90 pickups calibrated for position (not to mention hum-bucking when combined,) single-piece mahogany neck (24 3/4″ scale length,) rosewwod fretboard, Wilkinson EZ-Lock tuners, optional Les Trem tremolo, and custom controls including volume & tone, Bass Contour, and 5-way pickup switching.