Clapton & Mayer To Perform On Good Morning America Tomorrow

Eric-Clapton-John-MayerDetails are a bit sketchy at this point, but according to an e-mail going out from Fender, and are expected to perform on ABC’s Good Morning America between 8:00-9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning (Friday, July 20.)

I’m not sure if this is purely a promotional tie-in, but Mayer was apparently Fender’s first customer for the new Limited Edition Eric Clapton Crossroads Stratocaster, and tomorrow will mark the first day the guitar becomes available to the general public.

Obviously, if you happen to be John Mayer you enjoy early access to these things (lucky bastard,) but the first question that crossed my mind was whether we can expect to see Mayer playing his new acquisition. I’m assuming at least one of these guys will be playing this custom Strat/’57 Twin combo.

Guess I’d better fire up the old Tivo

Proceeds from the guitar, which will be built in a run of just 100 instruments, will go to benefit the Crossroads rehabilitation center in Antigua.