Eco-Friendly Hemp Guitar Cabinet Hits The Market

Hard Truckers Fatty HempHard Truckers, the ambitious folks who managed to design, build, and maintain the ’s infamous 26,400-watt (both on and off tour,) have introduced a new made of pressed hemp, covered in renewable bamboo, and boasting two 12″ Tone Tubby Hempcone Speakers.

Aimed at professional guitar players and weekend warriors alike, “The Fatty” is being billed as an environmentally friendly and truly sustainable alternative to generic extension cabinets.

Tie Dye CabinetThe cabinet, which is built of 3?4” hemp board, features an open back design, protective and stylish hardwood edging (maple or vermilion on the base model; cocobolo, birds eye maple, mahogany and koa available as options,) finished road-worthy bamboo siding, two front-mounted 12″ Tone Tubby Hempcone Speakers with specially milled Hard Truckers aluminum speaker clamps and “quick” disconnects, and a single Neutrik locking1?4” jack with latch release.

“The Fatty” also sports a protective cover made of baltic birch, and held in place by rare earth magnets––but for the true deadhead Hard Truckers offers a full assortment of .

The perfect gift for the green guitar player who has everything.