Welcome To The EGR Chop Shop: Let's Build Us A Boost Pedal

ChopshopInspired by my recent successful foray into , not to mention IG’s great “Gator Muff” Pedal Build Project, I’ve decided to tack a new department onto Electric Guitar Review––the EGR Chop Shop.

Heck, I figure if I’m gonna’ get my hands dirty poking around inside various guitars, amps, stompboxes and the like I may as well invite you all to join me, right?

The way I see it, I’ll let you know in advance what projects will be coming up, and then if you’re interested in participating (and sharing a bit of the pain,) you can get the supplies you need to join in the fun. I’ll be documenting my work as I go, including photos, diagrams, and mp3s as required.

So Let’s Get Started

To make things easy, I’m kicking this off with a little pedal project: the B.Y.O.C. TriBooster. I chose the TriBooster as my first project because:

  1. It comes in a kit with all the parts you need (minus the soldering iron and basic tools of course.)
  2. I’m in bad need of a Boost pedal for my rig… I mean bad.
  3. This pedal is getting rave reviews over at Harmony Central.
  4. The TriBooster is actually three pedals in one––a classic treble boost clone, a silicon based Linear Power Boost clone, and of course a MosFET based Clean boost clone.

The entire kit runs just over $100 with shipping, which is a steal when you consider that you’d pay nearly twice that much for a pre-built Rangemaster clone alone.

OK… any takers? I’ll be starting the TriBooster project in about a week.