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Spoiler Alert! Next Ten Gibson Guitar Of The Week Models

Disclosure Policy | Sun, Jul 22, 2007 | 649 |

Gow Advanced

This great find comes courtesy of one of our Tube Freaks Guitar Forum members, Gibzenerfender, who managed to show off his staggering Ninja skills by digging up a page from an online music retailer (screen shot here) revealing full specs and photos of the next ten Guitar Of The Week instruments from Gibson.

Of course, I have no way of knowing whether any of Gibson’s online guitar vendors were under non-disclosure orders on these new models, but since Gibson has made a bit of a big deal out of announcing a new one each week on their website, I’d guess that this was a definite slip-up.

Check ’em out…

  • #27 – Les Paul Classic with Antique Mahogany Top & Faded Cherry Finish.
  • #28 – Les Paul Classic Custom with 2 P-90s and Antique Ebony Finish.
  • #29 – Reverse Flying V in Trans Amber Finish
  • #30 – SG Special with 3 single coil blade pickups and Ebony Finish
  • #31 – Flying V with Carbon fiber pickguard and Ebony Finish
  • #32 – SG Special with EMG’s and Ebony Finish
  • #33 – Les Paul Classic Vintage Sunburst in Antique Mahogany, with Top Scroll Logo
  • #34 – Les Paul Std. 50’s neck in Antique Vintage Sunburst
  • #35 – SG ’61 Reissue in Antique Satin Walnut Finish
  • #36 – And the previously leaked X-Plorer New Century with Carbon Fiber Pickguard

There are a few beauties here, including two LPs––the Les Paul Classic in Antique Mahogany, and the Les Paul Classic Vintage Sunburst––and of course that Reverse Flying V is one of the stranger looking instruments I’ve seen coming out of Gibson, or anywhere else for that matter.

For the more interesting of these guitars I will continue to post announcements with full specs, photos, and descriptions. Good find Gibzenerfender!