Spoiler Alert! Next Ten Gibson Guitar Of The Week Models

Gow Advanced

This great find comes courtesy of one of our Tube Freaks Guitar Forum members, Gibzenerfender, who managed to show off his staggering Ninja skills by digging up a page from an online music retailer (screen shot here) revealing full specs and photos of the next ten Guitar Of The Week instruments from Gibson.

Of course, I have no way of knowing whether any of Gibson’s online guitar vendors were under non-disclosure orders on these new models, but since Gibson has made a bit of a big deal out of announcing a new one each week on their website, I’d guess that this was a definite slip-up.

Check ’em out…

  • #27 – Les Paul Classic with Antique Mahogany Top & Faded Cherry Finish.
  • #28 – Les Paul Classic Custom with 2 P-90s and Antique Ebony Finish.
  • #29 – Reverse Flying V in Trans Amber Finish
  • #30 – SG Special with 3 single coil blade pickups and Ebony Finish
  • #31 – Flying V with Carbon fiber pickguard and Ebony Finish
  • #32 – SG Special with EMG’s and Ebony Finish
  • #33 – Les Paul Classic Vintage Sunburst in Antique Mahogany, with Top Scroll Logo
  • #34 – Les Paul Std. 50’s neck in Antique Vintage Sunburst
  • #35 – SG ’61 Reissue in Antique Satin Walnut Finish
  • #36 – And the previously leaked X-Plorer New Century with Carbon Fiber Pickguard

There are a few beauties here, including two LPs––the Les Paul Classic in Antique Mahogany, and the Les Paul Classic Vintage Sunburst––and of course that Reverse Flying V is one of the stranger looking instruments I’ve seen coming out of Gibson, or anywhere else for that matter.

For the more interesting of these guitars I will continue to post announcements with full specs, photos, and descriptions. Good find Gibzenerfender!