Speed Linking: Robert Johnson's Johnson, WMD Warbeast, Crate's Miniscule Modeler


  • Me & The Devil Was Walkin’ Side By Side
    Everyone’s favorite smack-talkin’, home-wrecking’, soul-tradin’ blues legend, Robert Johnson, was kind enough to drop Stratoblogster a line for a quick no-nonsense . Johnson appears in top form, though his bitterness about missing out on the whole Cynthia Plaster Caster thing seems to be showing through.
  • WMD Warbeast – And while we’re on the subject of the truly demonic, B.C. Rich’s serious new shredmonster, , has taken home Guitar World’s Platinum Award for Quality & Construction. The guitar features an absolutely brutal design, neck through body construction, a pair of Rockfield humbuckers (Fat Ass at the bridge, Mafia at the neck,) Floyd Rose original tremolo tailpiece, and Grover Rotomatic tuning machines.
  • Profiler 5 – Oh yeah, and Crate yesterday announced the release of what might just be the world’s tiniest digital modeling guitar amplifier––the Profiler 5. Weighing in at just six pounds, and less than eight inches tall, this miniscule amp is apparently packing a pair of 4″ speakers, digital models of 11 classic vintage & contemporary amps, and a full arsenal of onboard digital effects, including chorus, flange, auto-wah, tremolo, phaser, octave, rotary speaker, delay, reverb and more.