Summer NAMM 2007: Gretsch Unveils LTV White Penguin & Synchromatic Archtop

Gretsch White PenguinGretsch 100CeUnlike my good friend IG, I absolutely love NAMM. I do––I love it like Christmas.

Sure, it’s pretty much the definition of “commercial,” and my eye is known to linger upon instruments that could quite literally bankrupt me, but just like that gift-giving holiday that everyone loves to hate, gives me the kind of warm fuzzy feeling that only blatant Capitalism can provide.

Case in point: Gretsch’s mouthwatering new releases––the G6134T-LTV White Penguin, and the 100CE & G100CEBK Synchromatic Acoustic Electric Archtop.

While Gretsch continues to stay rather challenged in the naming department (G6134T-LTV? Come on, you guys can do better than that,) the company still manages to pretty much own the “Twang Guitar” market, and it’s easy to see why.

White Penguin… Bigsby Included

The G6134T-LTV is basically a suped-up version of the already singular , though it ditches the standard “G” Cadillac tailpiece for a ritzy Gold Bigsby Vibrato, and that LTV tacked onto the model number tells us that the original’s DynaSonic single-coils have been swapped out for a pair of TV Jones Classic pickups.

Other upgraded features include “Gold Sparkle” binding across the board (fretboard, headstock, and body,) Neo Classical Thumbnail fretboard inlays, a simplified control layout, and an adjustable truss rod. The guitar is listing for a whopping $4,850.

Synchromatic Acoustic Electric Archtop

While I’m more than bit entranced by that beautiful White Penguin, the real news here for me is the release of the new 100CE & G100CEBK Synchromatic Acoustic Electric Archtop models. Talk about truly classic design.

The guitar is an electric version of Gretsch’s gorgeous , and like its brethren it features a classic art-deco design, laminated spruce top, laminated maple body, 3-piece maple neck, and a rosewood fretboard with 20 Extra-Broad frets.

Upgraded features include a single Gretsch pickup at the neck, and single volume & tone controls… amazingly, the guitar is carrying a list price of just $950.00. Also available in black.