Lovepedal's New Eternity Overdrive Getting Some Pretty Rave Reviews

Lovepedal-Eternity-OverdriveWith using their Eternity Overdrive pedal extensively on the Police’s current blockbuster World Tour, boutique guitar effects maker has got to be feeling pretty pumped right about now.

Unfortunately, while I’ve been hearing good things about the company for quite some time, so far I haven’t had much luck locating any of their effects for a real test drive.

Still, Guitar Player Magazine published a very flattering review of the Eternity Overdrive in their September ’07 issue (it isn’t even August yet… go figure,) and if you’re really jonesin’ for an excuse to spend some of your hard earned cash you might check out a couple of Lovepedal’s mp3 samples of their prodigal stomp-box in action (they’ve got a few decent videos as well.)

While warm, organic, overdriven-tube tone isn’t easy to come by in a pedal, by all accounts the Eternity Overdrive appears to come mighty close. Take a look at their product page for more samples, including footage of Guns-n-Roses guitarist Will Fortus putting the Eternity Overdrive through some heavy punishment.

Of course, all that buttery smooth analog distortion goodness comes with a pretty hefty pricetag… the pedal is selling for a street price just shy of $300––ouch!