Electro-Harmonix Beefs Up XO Line With Q-Tron+ & Octave Multiplexer

Wow, these guys just can’t stop… apparently not content with their , Electro-Harmonix has added yet two more effects to their new XO Line––updated versions of both the Q-Tron and Octave Multiplexer.


The appears to be a suped-up version of E-H’s classic Q-Tron envelope filter––now loaded into the more streamlined XO chassis, and updated with an effects loops and an added Attack Response switch.

According to Electro-Harmonix, the Attack Response switch adds a whole new level of customization and versatility to what was already a highly versatile pedal. Guitar players will now have their choice of “a slow, smooth, vowel-like attack and the fast, snaked response of the original Q-Tron.”

With a new effects loop onboard, additional pedals can now be added between the Q-Tron+’s pre-amp and filter, while leaving the envelope drive unchanged… should make for some fun experimentation.

Unfortunately, while Electro-Harmonix boasts “exclusive MP3s” on their website, none of the links are currently working––doh!

Electro-Harmonix-Octave-MultiplexerOctave Multiplexer

The upgraded is just that––a pedal that allows you to generate full-figured bass tones at an octave below what you’re actually playing.

To give it that extra Electro-Harmonix touch, the box includes a pair of “smoothing filters” that apparently allow you to personally tweak the sub-octave bass tone.

In this case, the mp3 samples do work, and are well worth checking out if you’re in the market for a sub-sampler.