Vintage Guitar Magazine & ToneQuest Report Review The VVT Lindy Fralin Amp

Vvt Lindy Fralin AmplifierIf you so much as blinked you could have missed it, but back in 2005 VVT Amplifiers began working with legendary pickup maker to develop a tube amp to satisfy Fralin’s own needs––namely fat tube tone, massive clean headroom, and on-board spring reverb––all packed into a truly portable chassis.

The result of this top-notch collaboration was of course the cream tolex beauty pictured here––the VVT Lindy Fralin Model.

Unfortunately, like most boutique guitar amps, you can’t just take a trip down to your local “big box” guitar retailer and expect to find a Fralin Model amp waiting for you test drive, but this afternoon when I quite literally accidentally happened across two different reviews of this bad boy online, I thought it was probably a sign that I’d better just drop you all a link.

Lindy Fralin Amplifier Back-1It doesn’t hurt that the reviews are from my two favorite guitar rags: ToneQuest Report, and Vintage Guitar Magazine.

What’s Inside? Perhaps the stand-out feature is the Fralin Model’s self-biasing-cathode design, which lets you seamlessly switch between 30 watt output (via dual 6L6s,) and 15-watt output (vi a pair of 6V6s) without ever having to futz around with re-biasing the amp. Yep, that means you should be able to get great tone whether you’re just massacering Free Bird in your back bedroom, or kickin’ out a noisy set down at the local pub.

Other specs include the new 15″ Eminence Legend/Fralin Custom ceramic speaker, mercury magnet transformers, tube rectifier, tube driven spring reverb, a  20″ X 20″ Custom Cabinet with vintage cream Tolex covering, Power & Standby switches, jewel power indicator, Volume, Treble, Bass, and Reverb controls with retro Chicken Head knobs, Bright switch, and VVT’s 10 Year Warranty.

For more info you can check out the ToneQuest Report’s review of the VVT Lindy Fralin Model right here, or read Vintage Guitar Magazine’s review over on their website.