T-Rex Unveils Their New Viper Vibe Pedal… Sort Of

T-Rex-ViperBack in May of this year (2007,) and apparently without an ounce of fanfare, T-Rex released their seriously stylin’ new onto the world.

I don’t know how it went unnoticed––wrapped in black & white snake print it’s one of the more striking stomp-boxes I’ve seen in quite some time––but when I stumbled onto it yesterday I thought I’d better let the cat (er, snake) out of the bag.

The Specs Apparently housed in a tank-proof steel chassis, the Viper boasts two basic modes, the classic Leslie Rotating Speaker effect, and of course straight-up Vibrato, while controls include Depth, Speed, and Level––all via old-school chicken head knobs––allowing you thoroughly tweak your sound while still keeping things simple.

For extra voice control there’s a screwdriver-accessible Trim switch mounted to the back of the unit.

Unfortunately, it appears to be too early for sound samples from T-Rex (I’ll post some when they become available,) but Guitar Buyer Magazine got an early look at the pedal and gave it (PDF doc.)

According to their review, points were docked for the Viper’s insatiable need for power… this beastie just won’t run on batteries––ac adapter required.