Play Like A Girl! Reviews The Luna Andromeda Floyd Grape

Luna Andromeda Floyd GrapeWhen I published my list back in 2006, ‘ Andromeda Floyd Grape came in with an honorable mention at #9, not due to any kind of lack of quality on Luna’s part (actually, the specs looked great,) but because the company was simply too young, and for the life of me I couldn’t find an Andromeda to test out.

A lot has changed though in the last year, and while a few of Luna’s models may now be in direct competition with that other “Girl Guitar” maker, Daisy Rock, the company appears to be making its biggest push towards the female shredder market––a neighborhood that Daisy Rock has forsaken completely.

Unfortunately, it’s still pretty damned difficult to find a hands-on review of the guitars in Luna’s Andromeda line (and I still haven’t managed to get my hands on one for even an in-store test-drive.)

But never fear, the illustrious Lori Linstruth, of fame, not only managed to score a complimentary Andromeda Flame Grape from Luna, she was kind enough to provide the rest of the world with what is quite possibly the first review of the Andromeda Floyd Grape to find its way online.

Oh yeah, and she accepted their invitation to become a as well… not a bad endorsement of their product at all.

The Andromeda Floyd Grape sits right in the middle of Luna’s Andromeda line, and comes in with a surprisingly low suggested retail price in the mid-$500s.

The guitar features a double-cutaway sculpted body design (for full fretboard access,) light-weight basswood body, maple bolt-on neck with petite profile(25½” scale length,) rosewood fretboard with “phase of the moon” mother-of-pearl inlays, licensed Floyd Rose locking tremolo, sealed matte nickel tuning machines, and a pair of matte nickel Floyd Rose humbuckers.