Fender's Limited Edition “Thin Skin” '62 Jaguar In Shoreline Gold Is Now In Stores

Fender-62-Thin-Skin-JaguarYou won’t find it listed on their website, and you certainly won’t stumble onto one while perusing the guitar racks down at your local “big box” guitar store, but if you look in the right places you’ll find that a few select retailers are now carrying this Limited Edition “Thin Skin” ’62 Jaguar decked out it Shoreline Gold.

So what makes this thing so special? Well, in many ways the “Thin Skin” models that Fender’s been putting out recently are really a best-of-both-worlds kind of package.

Besides the obvious addition of a sublimely thin Nitrocellulose finish (hence the Thin Skin moniker,) most of these guitars are spec’d out to historical standards, albeit with a few popular modifications thrown in for ease of use.

Case in point: the Limited Edition instrument shown here boasts all the vintage vibe and workmanship of its brethren in the ’62 Jaguar reissue line, but with a much flatter 9.5“ fretboard radius (reducing fret-buzz and allowing for lower action,) along with a more comfortable set of medium jumbo 6105 frets… a mod that many vintage guitars will see after-market.

It doesn’t hurt any that both the body and headstock are dressed entirely in Shoreline Gold––a classic Fender finish circa the late 1950s.

Other features include an alder body, maple ”C“ shaped neck (with nitro finish,) rosewood fretboard, a pair of Special Design American Vintage Jaguar single-coil pickups, and of course the Jaguar’s famously retro control layout, which really deserves more space than I’m willing to give it here.

The Limited Edition ”Thin Skin“ ’62 Jaguar In Shoreline Gold also sports a ”Limited Edition“ backplate, and a deluxe brown hardshell case. The guitar is selling for a street price of around $1600.00.