Hello Gibson? This Is IG Calling…

Gibson Guitar Of The WeekIf you’re like me you’ve probably got a good little Gibson Guitar Of The Week wish list going on in the back of your head… you know––something like a Goldburst Les Paul with a Bigsby Vibrato and locking tuners… or maybe an ES-335 decked out in Amber, with dual P-90s and a Charlie Christian at the neck.

Well, fellow guitar blogger IG thought he’d try to get to the bottom of how Gibson picks its GOTW models, so he just picked up the phone and gave the big boys in Nashville a call…

You already know where this is going.

Gibson may have ultimately been a “no show,” but IG’s not deterred––now he’s asking for your input.

If you could design Gibson’s next Guitar Of The Week model what would it be?

There’s already a pretty good list going over there, so go check it out and have your say!