Vintage Guitar Magazine Reviews The PRS 513

Prs 513 ReviewPRS’s newly updated 513 is named for it’s unique electronics layout––namely, five proprietary single-coil pickups, producing a full thirteen different tonal configurations via two separate pickup switches: a traditional 5-way pickup selector, and en extra 3-way “mode” switch (for your choice of: single-coil, clear humbucking and heavy humbucking modes.)

By all accounts the 513 can quickly and easily produce a wide range of traditional single coil or humbucker tones, not to mention numerous single coil/humbucker combinations. The 513 was built to be versatile, and if this review by Vintage Guitar Magazine (pdf) is any indication it looks like PRS pretty much pegged it.

The guitar appears to feature all the lush aesthetics you’ve come to expect from PRS, including a beautifully carved and figured maple top with a mahogany back (flamed top optional,) mahogany neck with special 513 neck carve and 25 1/4 scale length, and a rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets and special 513 mother-of-pearl bird inlays

Hardware includes PRS’s ubiquitous tremolo unit, PRS 14:1 “Phase II” low-mass locking tuners, and a 513 truss rod cover (gold hardware is optional.)

Of course, you can’t have all those goodies without laying down a few bills… base MSRP starts at $4,200.00 though I’d expect a street price somewhere in the $3,000 range, depending on configuration.