First Look: Guyatone Ultron & Ultrem Optical Hybrid Effects

Guyatone Ultron And Ultrem-1Just got these two beauties in from the good folks over at Godlyke, and I thought I’d better give you all a sneak peek before we get too deep into the review process.

Ultrem Optical Tremolo & Ultron Optical Auto Wah

What you’re looking at here are the ––a pair of pedals that mix the best of both worlds, analog and digital, into a truly “professional-grade” stomp box… in fact I hesitate to call them stomp boxes at all, because the sheer number of controls available at the push of a button or twist of a knob really belies the basic three-knobs-and-a-footswitch type of effect that the phrase “stomp box” has come to entail.

Both effects boast a 100% analog audio path with custom-built photo couplers, while simultaneously offering the kind of extreme precision parameter control that only a digital device can really pull off.

Looks like fun… keep your eyes peeled for the full reviews, including sound samples and of course more photos. Both posts should go love in another week or so.