Randall's George Lynch Signature Series Preamp Modules Now Available

Randall Mts George LynchWell, we’ve got it on good authority that tomorrow Randall will be announcing the general availability of four new pre-amp modules for its innovative MTS Modular Tube Guitar Pre-Amp System––the highly-anticipated George Lynch MTS Signature Series.

If you’re lucky enough to own one of Randall’s MTS amps, or of course the custom Lynch Box, you’ll now be able to instantly access a number of Lynch’s classic amp tones just by swapping out one of your current pre-amp modules for one of the four new George Lynch Series modules––

  • Super V – A clean module offering “Vox like” tone, with a shimmering high-end and warm low-end.
  • Mr. Scary – Classic Lynchian heavy rhythm/lead tone circa the ’80s––think Dokken or Lynch Mob.
  • Grail – The modern George Lynch sound––full-on “Rectifier” tone, with an accentuated low mid-range.
  • Brahma – Hi-gain tone for Lynch’s classic rhythm sound… capture’s Lynch’s modified vintage Plexi tone.

Like the other modules in the MTS System, the George Lynch Signature Series modules are basically complete tube pre-amp front-ends loaded into a compact package, and easily swapped in and out of any of the MTS guitar amplifiers in a simple plug & play manner.

Each module contains a pair of easily changeable 12AX7 pre-amp tubes, while front panel controls include Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Level knobs, and a Bright switch. Street prices appear to be running around $240.