See & Hear Gibson's New ES-339 In Action

Gibson Es339When the news broke on Friday that Gibson had launched a new ES model guitar––––specs were readily available, but there was no official product page on Gibson’s website.

Anyway, not only is there now a full product page, but Gibson has also published a high-quality video demo of the ES-339, including some nice layover effects to give you a very solid idea of how the guitar compares in size to the classic ES-335 and the Les Paul.

The ES-339, of course, is being promoted as a Les Paul-sized alternative to the much larger-bodied ES 335, and as such is armed for the most part with the same hardware, dual-cutaway body design, and body & neck material as the 335.

Pictured here is the Gibson ES-339 in Antique Vintage Sunburst. The guitar is also available in Caramel Burst, and the popular Antique Red.

If you’re at all intrigued by the ES 339, the video is certainly worth checking out.