Eastwood's Airline Twin Tone Recreates The '62 SUPRO Dual Tone

Eastwood-Airline-Twin-ToneNice… yet another classic guitar re-make from my favorite “new vintage” guitar builders (hey, I think I just coined a new term.).

Eastwood Guitars yesterday unveiled its latest vintage six-string recreation––the new Airline Twin Tone.

Essentially a re-issue of the classic and fairly hard to find 1962 Supro Dual Tone, Eastwood appears to have stayed true to form on this one, though they did see fit to update the instrument with a pair of their new HOT-Rail Humbuckers (if my memory serves me the originals were outfitted with fat single-coils that simply looked like humbuckers.)

Unfortunately, the Twin Tone is so new that there don’t appear to be any really great photos of it yet, so I mustered up this photo of an original Dual Tone circa the mid-’50s to give you some idea of what we’re talking about.

So far there’s no word on body or neck material, but the Airline Twin Tone will feature dual volume and tone controls, 3-way pickup switching, and a  custom chrome “Airline” tailpiece.

The guitar will be available in white, black, metallic red, metallic blue and sunburst, and an additional white left-handed model will be available as well. A Bigbsy vibrato tailpiece will be offered as an add-on option.

The Airline Twin Tone will begin shipping as of the 1st of October, 2007, and is expected to fetch a street price of just $499.