Gibson To Announce Dave Grohl 'Inspired By' Signature Guitar

Gibson-Dave-Grohl-Inspired-ByGibson’s pretty much keeping their mouth shut on this one, and I have yet to come across anything in the way of actual specs, but after donning my best cat burglar outfit and crawling around the dark recesses of the web for a few hours I managed to come up with this photo––the soon to be announced Dave Grohl ‘Inspired By’ guitar.

Of course, the frontman is known to own an entire arsenal of Gibsons, but until I began researching this post I’d certainly never seen him play anything like rather twisted looking amalgamation.

We can only speculate as to the specifics, but based on first appearances I’d say the guitar bares the rather frankenstein-ish good looks of Gibson’s Custom Shop ES-335 Diamond (which was released last year) with some sort of reverse Firebird headstock tacked on for good measure… basically a modified Trini Lopez model.

Gone is the Bigsby tailpiece of the “Diamond,” and I’m guessing that the beautiful finish seen here is the popular Pelham Blue that makes Gibson’s Elliott Easton SG so damned attractive, but otherwise things look pretty traditional to the ES-335.

We’ve got what appears to be nickel hardware, a pair of covered humbuckers (’57 Classics perhaps?) dual volume and tone controls, and more than likely a standard 3-way pickup switch, but other than that things are pretty much up in the air.

As always, I’ll keep you informed as more info becomes available…