Guitar Player Reviews The Washburn Idol WI66PROG

Washburn Idol Wi66ProgThe Idol WI66PROG appears to be Washburn’s homage to the classic mid-’50s Gibson Les Paul Goldtop, and considering its street price of just around $700 it’s actually been pulling in surprisingly good reviews.

Like its legendary role model, the most conspicuous features here are the WI66PROG’s bound and carved gold top, and in this case a pair of P90-styled stacked humbuckers, which according to Washburn were built to provide traditional P-90 tone without all that traditional P-90 noise.

Guitar Player Magazine’s got a recent review of the Idol WI66PROG, and while they weren’t particularly fond of the guitar’s clean tones, they found those stacked P-90s to pack a powerful punch with a bit of distortion thrown into the mix––you can read the review for more.

To keep costs down the WI66PROG is built in Korea––three words that used to send shivers down my spine, though my recent experience with ESP’s top notch South Korean-built LTD line has caused me to entirely re-think this rather outdated knee-jerk reaction.

The Specs A few other stand-out features include a super-flat 14″ neck radius (which should make this guitar an absolute dream for blazing-fast licks,) the popular Buzz Feiten Tuning System (for better intonation all around,) a set of exclusive Grover 18:1 gear ratio tuners, and what sounds like a truly versatile coil-tapping mode.

Otherwise things are looking fairly traditional here: mahogany body & neck, rosewood fingerboard, dual volume and tone controls with gold speed knobs, 3-way pickup switching, tune-o-matic bridge, and a stopbar tailpiece.

Check out Washburn’s website for some short video demos of the Idol Series in action.