Rare Find: One Of A Kind ’60 Stratocaster NoNeck Relic In 3-Tone Sunburst Sparkle

Jason Smith Noneck Relic SparkleIf I had $5,000 in my pocket this thing would already be sold.

Masterbuilt by Jason Smith––apprentice of recently deceased Fender Custom Shop Guru ––and available exclusively from New York’s Music Zoo, the guitar pictured here is a one of a kind ’60 Stratocaster Heavy Relic NoNeck in gorgeous 3-Tone Sunburst Sparkle finish.

According to the Music Zoo’s Tim Reynolds, this seriously stylin’ instrument (you’ve gotta’ see the close-ups to really appreciate it,) is based on a concept Reynolds himself developed, melding a 1960 Strat with a Nocaster neck, and a body decked out in that crazy Sparkle Sunburst.

In fact, Tim tells me that the guitar’s finish was inspired by a unique instrument he once played––a vintage ’60 or ’61 Stratocaster that was said to have been custom built for a Beach Boys video. The guitar was apparently designed to look pretty much like a standard Strat, but with a finish that would make it really “sparkle” in the sunlight.

Heavy Relic The ’60 Stratocaster NoNeck also sports the worn-in vibe of a heavy relic, so you’ll be happy to know the finish has been pretty much removed from the back of the neck, and the hardware is appropriately aged. However, Tim and Jason decided not to go with the traditional “arm wear/buckle wear” because they didn’t want that beautiful finish to wear off during heavy use… they were also afraid the finish would get too rough if the “sparkles” were exposed from premature aging.

Other specs include a modern 9’5″ fretboard radius, and a set of 21 Medium Jumbo frets. The ’60 Stratocaster NoNeck Relic In 3-Tone Sunburst Sparkle is selling for $5,240.00… surprisingly reasonable for a one of a kind Masterbuilt Strat. Check it out!