Speed Linking: The Nash Firecaster, BYOC's New Compressor, Gibson's VOS Series

Nash FirecasterWell, if it seems like I wasn’t around much last week you’re absolutely right… I was up to my eyeballs working on a seriously long review of the optical pedals that Guyatone recently sent me. Anyway, you can expect the review to go live sometime this week (with lots of sound samples,) possibly even tomorrow. In the mean time, here area few noteworthy guitar links––

» Nash ‘Firecaster’ – Now here’s a hell of a “Relic” for ya’––a fire apparently raged through famed guitar builder ‘s warehouse last year, and though it was a catastrophic loss, Nash managed to pull at least a few usable bodies from the wreckage… needless to say, he saw inspiration where others would just see firewood, and hence the Nash Firecaster was born. .

» BYOC Compressor – For those of you into building your own pedals (yeah, I’m freakin’ hooked,) the good folks over at have finally released their much anticipated kit––basically a seriously modded out Ross Compressor clone, with the popular Attack Knob mod built right in, not to mention new Blend & Tone controls as well… not cheap, but should be a dreamy pedal for your guitar.

» Gibson VOS Series – And last but not least, Gibson’s posted a pretty decent video highlighting some of the behind the scene work that goes into their VOS Vintage Original Specs series… this one’s not necessarily a “must see,” but it’s probably worth a look for the die hard Gibson fan. Duane Eddy narrates, and does his best zombie impersonation. .