SG Meets Flying V: Gibson Producing Zakk Wylde ZV

Gibson Zakk Wylde ZvWhat’s got black & white stripes, the wings of a Flying V, and the devilish horns of an SG? You guessed it––the soon to be announced Gibson Zakk Wylde ZV… otherwise known as the Zakk-V.

No, we don’t have anything in the way of official specs yet, but based on the photo (which is just one small part of this stellar interview with Wylde over at Modern Guitars Magazine,) the guitar appears to be armed with active EMG humbuckers, a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets and block inlays, fully-bound head and fretboard binding, and of course Wylde’s famous bulls-eye graphic.

This guy’s got more signature gear than you can shake a stick at… just a few that we’ve covered here include the Epi , Gibson Inspired By , and who could forget that cute little Marshall … tip of the hat to my good friend IG for pointing this one out.