A Reader Reviews Gibson's Guitar Of The Week #21: The SG-3 Fireburst

Gibson SG 3 Swamp AshOver the weekend EGR reader Jarrod Perkins left us a great review of his new Limited Edition Gibson SG-3 Fireburst (Guitar Of The Week #21,) and I thought I’d post it here so more of you would get to read it. Enjoy––

So my SG3 arrived yesterday.  After giving it a proper workout, I’m very happy with it.  I’ll give a quick list of pros and cons and a short review.

• Lets start with the Cons:

The pickups look goofy. They are these VERY tall single coils (esp the bridge) that are white on top, but wrapped in black on the sides.  You can’t see this in any of the online photos.

The chickenhead pickup selector is nice, however it’s quite hard to tell which pickup you’re on just by looking at it.  I’m sure this will get easier over time, but all of the settings are fairly close together.

The only other thing is minor cosmetic issues that are specific to my guitar: a bit of white fuzz or something in the laquer, and the fretboard has a bit of a divet on the 5th fret.

• Now, on to the Pros:

Jarrods Sg-3 Fireburst GotwThis guitar sounds GREAT.  There are so many different sounds to dial in on this thing.  It’s missing the big humbucker sound that my Les Paul has, but that’s why I got it.  There are two settings that sound very strat-like, although a bit toned down.  There are also two fairly mellow settings that are good for rhythm and strumming.  There is a super treble-y setting, and a fairly creamy sounding setting as well.

It’s light & easy to play.  But I guess this is the norm for SGs, however this is my first.

Fit and finish are top notch. Aside from the minor cosmetic blemish I mentioned, this guitar looks stunning.  The ash top has a quilted-type grain to it that is stunning.  The tuners are quality, and everything just feels solid. Intonation was pretty good right out of the box, but it needs a setup to lower the strings a bit, although they aren’t sky high. The case is even beautiful.

Now here is the question… If I was going to a gig with just one guitar, would it be this one?

I think so.  This guitar is not a one trick pony.  I’d use it simply for the variety of sounds I can get.  Not to mention it looks stunning too.  I’m quite happy with my purchase (I sold a Mexi Tele, 2 snare drums, and recording gear to buy this) and feel the price I paid was more than fair ($799).

Thanks for reading & happy playing.