New York's Music Zoo Gets Exclusive Ultimate Relic Series Strats

Fender-John-Cruz-Ultimate-Relic-Front-1Fender-John-Cruz-Ultimate-Relic-BackIf you’re looking for something a little different in the way of a “Relic,” you might want to check out New York’s Uber Fender Custom Shop Dealer The Music Zoo––these guys have collaborated with CS guru John Cruz to develop a line of exclusive “Ultimate Relic” Strats, and the current batch is looking pretty stellar.

According to the Zoo’s Tim Reynolds, this latest line of instruments is all about the aging––

“We are doing a run of guitars with varying years from 1954-1969, all reissues with extra heavy relic aging by John Cruz.  The guitars are on par with the aging done on Tribute pieces, such as the Andy Summers Tele and the SRV ”Number One“ Tribute Strat. I worked with John to establish the concept of what the guitars should look like, being careful to create our own style that wouldn’t be replicating any signature guitar or famous Strat that already exists, but rather create a stand-alone, been to hell and back player guitar. I have to admit though, it’s really John’s vision and skill that makes these guitars what they are.

…The guitars feel so broken in and ”at home“ in your hands. They look and feel like a vintage piece right out of the case.  Tonally, with a minimal amount of finish left, you’ll find the instrument resounds extremely well, and you tend to get more openness and sustain by allowing the wood to ring freely, much in the same way a vintage player guitar comes alive from the first note you play.

Bottom line, we just wanted to make the most badass Relic around.”

If you don’t like that heavily distressed sunburst, well, you’re in luck––the Ultimate Relics Series Strats are being decked out in a number of custom colors, with specs ranging from vintage to contemporary.

And I have it on good authority that we can expect a ’56 Mary Kaye finished Relic in the coming weeks… Nice.