VOX Expands Heritage Collection With Three New Models

Vox Ac30H2If you remember, VOX started this year off with a bang when they announced their new line of guitar amplifiers––including the super-slick ––meant to celebrate the company’s 50th Anniversary in the rock & roll business.

Today the company upped the ante when it announced to the Heritage Collection: the AC30H2 combo, AC30H2L combo (pictured here,) and the stacked AC30HH head with V212H cabinet.

Like the other amps in this series, the new models aren’t meant to be true vintage reissues––they’re basically monster hybrids of various classic VOX amplifiers; in this case combing the much-loved EF86 pre-amp channel, circa 1958, with a ’63 Top Boost channel… all in a single amplifier.

The Specs Full specs are yet to be published, but we do know that all three new models include dual channels (1. EF86 Pre-amp, 2. Top Boost Pre-amp,) hybrid vintage/contemporary styling, and an O/P switch that allows you to instantly switch from 30-watt Pentode Mode to 15-watt Triode Mode––effectively halving the power output for smoother tone.

I’ll be very interested to see how these classic hybrids really perform. As always, we’ll keep you informed as more info becomes available.