Takes The New Carr Vincent For A Test Drive

Carr Vincent ComboWow… I’ve been known to write some fairly in-depth reviews in my time (heck, a few of them have taken me literally weeks to complete,) but Jason Barker over at just puts me to shame.

His review of ‘s new ––a heavily Class-A biased tube amp––is top notch, consisting of not only a full written review, but numerous photos (including a few under the hood to show off that point-to-point wring,) five audio clips with accompaniment, five video samples, and an audio interview with Steve Carr about the Vincent.

Really makes me wish I had room for yet another great tube amp in my arsenal… the Vincent is packing dual 6L6 output tubes, real tube-driven reverb, dual power levels––your pick of 7 or 33 watts––a fixed footswitchable boost, variable drive control, a hand-made solid pine cabinet, and a single 12″ Eminence Wizard speaker.

Carr’s got a few sound samples of their own as well, but’s are better–– showing off the Vincent’s clean setting with the reverb on full-tilt. Nice