Eastwood Releases Lefty Mandocaster & Airline Twin Tone

Eastwood-Lefty-Handed-MandocasterHell yes… I know of at least a few readers who will be rejoicing over the news that Eastwood Guitars is continuing its support for the oft-neglected left-handed guitar players of the world.

Late last week the company announced “lefty” versions of not only the popular new , but also Eastwood’s endlessly entertaining , an eight-string re-imagining of Fender’s early ’60s four-string electric mandolin (I say re-imagining because the Mandocasters I seem to remember were not the Tele.)

The Lefty Mandocaster is expected to sport a body of solid alder, maple bolt-on neck (14“ scale length,) rosewood fretboard with block inlays, a fully-adjustable Telecaster-style bridge, and Gotoh hardware.

Unlike the early Fender instruments they’re loosely based on, Eastwood’s new Mandocaster boasts dual singlecoils, 3-way pickup switching, and a full eight strings instead of just four. The Mandocaster is fetching a suggested retail of $399.

By the way: you can watch Wendell Ferguson take this little beasty for a test drive over on Eastwood’s website. Good stuff.