Your Chance To Win A Customized Fender Joe Strummer Telecaster

Fender-Joe-Strummer-Tele-GiveawayEasing back into things here at EGR… thanks again for all of your incredible support. If you want to keep up with me on more of a personal level, you can always subscribe to my personal blog.

Anyway, like a car wreck you just can’t turn away from, Fender’s continues to haunt my dreams…

The man was one of my earliest heroes (guitar and otherwise,) so while I find myself strangely attracted to this faux-battered instrument, the irony of Fender producing an expensive “Signature” guitar in Strummer’s name is certainly not lost on me.

“Turning rebellion into money,” indeed.

Be that as it may, the ever-present shallow consumer in me wouldn’t mind winning this bad boy––a Joe Strummer Tele customized by OBEY artist , and including a seriously distressed guitar case with the name JOE stenciled on the side. Very nice touch

You can sign up for a chance to win over on Fender’s Official Joe Strummer Telecaster Giveaway page. As always, good luck!