Video Demo Of The New Electro-Harmonix Stereo Electric Mistress

Electro-Harmonix-Stereo-Electric-MistressHehe… well, it looks like Michael Leonhart has done it again––he’s produced yet another refreshingly avant-garde video demo for Electro-Harmonix, this time showing off the company’s newly re-imagined Stereo Electric Mistress.

As with Leonhart’s earlier video demos, you’ll probably either love this one or hate it, but either way you have to admit the guy is doing some of the most creative work in stompbox demos on the web today.

You’ll need decent speakers in stereo to really appreciate what this pedal can do. Chorus, Flange, and lots of other good stuff. All packed into an industrial strength Electro-Harmonix chassis.

You can catch my earlier coverage of the Stereo Electric Mistress hereenjoy!