The Countdown's On: 7 Days To The Release Of “Lenny”

Fender-Lenny-ReissueJust a quick reminder for all you rabid SRV fans––Fender’s Limited Edition Stevie Ray Vaughan “Lenny” Replica is going on sale a week from today, December 12th, and exclusively through Guitar Center.

As stated in our previous coverage, Guitar Center has commissioned just 185 units of the “Tribute Series” Lenny Stratocaster to be sold here in the US, with a price of $17,000… not TOO bad, I suppose, considering that  the original sold in auction for $623,500.

Like the other guitars in Fender’s Tribute Series, the “Lenny” Strat has been painstakingly reproduced in all its beat-to-hell glory, and bearing every nick and scratch found on the original.

The guitar will also feature an intricate custom inlay beneath the bridge, damaged headstock, “Steve Ray Vaughan ‘80” signature scratched into the neckplate, Mickey Mantle signature on the back, and even SRV’s trademark reflective stickers on the pickguard.

If you’re serious about getting in on this madness you can check out Fender’s “Lenny” page for purchasing details… Good Luck!