Gretsch Kicks Off 125th Year With Gorgeous Chet Atkins G6120-125

Gretsch-125Th-Chet-Atkins25 Pieces Worldwide

Wow… talk about a Limited Edition. To celebrate their first 125 years in the guitar-making business, Gretsch today announced the upcoming release of the Chet Atkins G6120-125––an instrument built the way Gretsch used to build them: hand-crafted, and detailed down to the bone.

The gorgeous 125th Anniversary Chet Atkins model will be coming straight from Gretsch’s Custom Shop in Corona, CA., with all 25 instruments (yep, get ’em while they’re hot, people!) to be hand-built by Master Builder Stephen Stern.

The Specs According to Gretsch, the guitar will actually be decked out in authentic gold leaf, and then finished with a Transparent Orange Stain. It’ll also be dressed to the nines in real gold-plated hardware, including a pair of hard rockin’, gold-plated TV Jones Classic pickups, a gold Bigsby tremolo, and of course gold knobs, switches and pickguard.

The instrument’s headstock, which appears to sport a flame maple top (but don’t quote me on that,) bears a gold applique Gretsh logo treatment to boot.

No word yet on pricing or availability, but serious contenders may want to get the paperwork going on that second mortgage… this bad boy ain’t going to be cheap!

Gretsch also announced the release of the G6118T-125 125th Anniversary model… not as much bling, but that Jaguar Tan top is a looker for sure.